Dmitry Eremin | Senior C/C++ developer & project manager

Senior C/C++ Developer
& Project Manager

I'm a translator from Human language to Computer.

About me

I am a Senior C/C++ Developer.

Also I am a Project Manager, but writing code is more fun.

I can write code on:

  • Preffered:
    • C++ language (C++11, C++14, C++17)
    • Plain C language (ANSI C, C99, C11)
    • Python 3.2+ (magnificent language!)
    • C# language (5.0, 6.0, 7.0)
    • Lua (simple and powerful, I like it)
  • Associated with preffered languages:
    • SQL (MySQL, Firebird, SQLite)
    • HTML ()
    • CSS ()
  • Know how, but don't want:
    • Python 2.7 (We have Python 3, so…)
    • Javascript (ES2016, ES2017)
    • PHP (last exp. with 5.6 version)
    • Pascal & Delphi (Seriously?)
    • RPGLE (I'll be very surprised, if you know IT!)

I have used too many libraries and frameworks to list them all here. Besides, I like the live communication. You can always call or write me!


Professional experience:

  • October 2015 — Present:
    P.L.C. ELVIS-PLUS, Senior Software Engineer
    • Development of the hard drive encryption system.
    • Development of UEFI drivers.
    • Management and development three key role projects:
      • Mobile data encryption project.
      • Cryptokeys management utility.
      • App installation utility.
    • Unit tests development.
    • TDD and Code refactoring.
    • Spend technical interviews with new candidates.
    • Development of project documentation for certification.
  • September 2014 — October 2015:
    P.L.C. Rosbank (Societe Generale Group), Software Engineer
    • Development of new modules and support legacy modules for the internal banking system.
    • Refactoring of the legacy code.
    • Unit tests development.
    • In fact, my job was writing applications to generate various reports.
  • September 2011 — September 2014:
    Tekon-Avtomatika Ltd., Software Engineer
    • Development of highly loaded SCADA-system
    • Development of server-side and client-side modules.
    • Development of project documentation for certification.
  • September 2008 — June 2009:
    Computer learning center MIET, LLC., Junior courses teacher
    • Education the programming in Turbo Pascal and C++.
    • Grafting of algorithmic thinking.
    • Teaching to the best code practices and design patterns.

Besides, I have a lot of experience writing some personal projects.

Education and training:

Personal Skills:

  • Languages:
    • Russian (mother tongue).
    • English (upper-intermediate).
  • Communication skills:
    • Experienced in both individual and team work.
    • Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments (experience abroad).
    • Good at solving conflicts.
    • Computer hardware skills.
    • Quickly accustomed to any technical equipment.
    • Good at solving technical problems.
    • Very technically informed.
  • Organisational skills:
    • Experience in team management (team leader for several projects).
    • Good Sense of organization.
    • Project management skills (version control, ticketing systems).


Preffered methods of communication
(available permanently):

Other methods of communication
(check once a week or less):

You can download my CV here:

It may be a little outdated. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • In English: here (EuroPass).
  • In Russian: here.